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8/1/2018 Portfolio Update

So here is my current portfolio. It isn’t much to some, but it has taken a lot of hard work to get it where it is.

Fund/Stock Fees Number of Shares Share/Fund Price Total Value
VFINX 0.14% 20.206 $260.02
VGSTX 0.32% 47.05 $27.34
VUG 0.05% 2.011 $153.98
VTI 0.04% 3.035 $144.92
DVCR 0 763.913 $6.85
VCR 0.10% 1 $171.20
VUG 0.05% 1.005 $153.98
VOOG 0.15% 3.027 $151.37
VT 0.10% 1.011 $75.21

You may judge this portfolio set up and you may wonder; Why are there ETFs when they have the Investor share fund? Well, that is because it was purchased prior to when the funds were available to meet the minimum to buy into the fund. Easy enough right! I also don’t believe in selling an index ETF. I’m not gambling, I’m investing here.

You can also see that there is just a simple single little lonely company stock in the midst and this is because I believe in this company. It is also a dividend stock which is set to reinvest. I know it’s not wise to invest so heavily in a single stock. I open myself up to a higher risk, but just as above, I purchased this prior to meeting the minimum buy-in for the index funds. It is a fantastic company so I will continue to hold the stock and stick to investing forward into the index funds. If you think differently, I would like to hear about it? Comment below.

My investing strategy really got kicked off when I read some information from a great site. You can find it by typing in He said on there if you could save 50% of your net salary (take home) that you could “retire” in 17 years.  He went on to say, that if you could save 75% of your net take-home pay, you could retire in only 7 years. This seemed just crazy to me! But after some due diligence and cross-checking, turns out, it’s true! Absolutely true!

He went on asking himself questions, that he has probably heard several times and providing answers as well. – He gets a little off his multiple topics, but his principals are solid. He goes on about cutting costs. This is true, and it is very difficult to do.

Think about the bills, whether ancillary bills, such as the gym or tanning bed monthly subscription. How about the electricity which is a hard cost, like water, rent, fuel, and food. But the cost can be reduced on them as well. He also believes in index fund investing as well, and so do I. See my prior posting about Couch Potato Investing.

I am saving what I can at the moment and I am also working to reduce my monthly costs, however, this is proving difficult at this time. Once I am successful in this endeavor, I will place it in an update as maybe it will help one of you figure out a way to do it.

The sites I recommend you visit are and – These are some great resource sites. You could visit Dave Ramsey’s site, but he has a more negative outlook that leaves a bad taste, but his principles are solid and well researched as well.  I hope for a good portfolio update next month!


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